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Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (What's this?) I am not a headset person primarily because none of them fit me well. I was very excited when I put the Stone3 in my ear - it fit perfectly! Did not fall out or cause pain during extended wear. I was very impressed but that's where it stopped.

After a 2 hour charge I paired it with my phone. It was an easy setup - not unlike any other bluetooth set. It told me that I had 2 hours of talk-time. I was not happy and finally understood the Amazon description above - "Power2go portable charger enables you to charge on the go, allowing a total of 10 hours of talk time -2 hours in headset alone". I called a friend to test the call quality and the communication was clear. After having spoken for 10 mins, I checked the battery status and the voice guidance told me that I had 1 hr 30 minutes of talk time remaining. A headset which cannot provide even have 2 hours of talk time is a deal-breaker!

I put the headset back into the pebble charger - the only way to recharge. I had 1 hour of talk time after 25 minutes and about 2 hrs after about an hour of charging.

Definitely a "DO NOT BUY" recommendation!

* Great concept of providing a compact, well designed on-the-go charger
* Very light and comfortable fit with choice of eargels to customize fit.
* Good call quality
* Voice guidance works

* Short talk time - Approx 2 hours
* Long recharge cycle - Approx. 1 hour for a full charge
* Short recharge cord

Great concept but poorly executed!

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