Reviews About Breath The Ultimate Secret to Life (Kindle Edition)


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I met Rose in India earlier this year at a conference, though I didn't get to know her personally, I observed in her this vibrancy for life, for living, just for being alive!

Now that I've read her book, I feel that I've a peek into an express narration of this amazing person. What I love about this book is that you can feel that Rose is just next to you, sharing her life including her personal journey with supporting her mother with thrombosis to healing recovery and breathing her last.

As a rebirther, she shares her experiences and knowledge in this calling, the different methods of purifications etc and what her daily life routine is like and they are filled with her vision to stay physically alive forever ! She also post a challenge to you with this: "Why would reaching 150 be a problem? I invite you all to love that long, even it were only to check me ! "

I've learnt much reading this book and her zest for life and breath. She said this: "When I don't breathe I die, it is that simple. "If we only breathe half, we only live half !" and this: " Breath is the nicest present you can give to a cell which is yourself.". They sound like simple statements but they are so true as I've personally experience this power of my own healing breath.

This book is easy to read. It is a great start for anyone curious about breathwork-rebirthing. And a final word from this book "Do not be a dummy by saying NO because of the unknown.

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